Well hello there stranger!

I am Sevan Belleau, recent graduate of Concordia University’s Design program.
After four years at Concordia, a year at the National School of Art and Design in Nancy, France, a lot of Youtube tutorials and convincing many technicians, I’ve managed to use a wide variety of different tools and equipment. 

Fusion 360
3D printing
3D scanning
Laser cutting

Lists are not all that interesting so I’ll spare you all the physical tools I can use. I am quite confortable in a woodshop and can get around a metal shop as well. I am always exited to learn new tricks so any project that requires tools I don’t know yet is only a more interesting challenge!

If you are curious for more,
here is my instagram
If you want to email me to talk about life and all the other things
here is my email: sevanbelleau@gmail.com

Portrait by Julien Catella