Modular vases

Slip cast vases, plaster molds, lathe turned shapes,
Nancy, France 2019

The concept behind the creation of these vases was based on an inquiry in DNA and human reproduction. Fascinated by the idea of a repeating sequence of finite elements giving endlessly different results, I decided I wanted to try and use the idea in a project. At the same time as these thoughts were bouncing around my mind, I entered a class conversation about the act of giving birth and having a child. A concept that bewilders me still to this day, I found it interesting how each individual is at some point a soft sponge willing to accept all knowledge.

These vases are, in a way, children of the people who go through the process of setting up the molds, pouring the slip inside and then watching over the drying ceramic. Once the process is complete, the “creators” can slowly remove the plaster parts to reveal their child.
A vessel for them to shape and fill with knowledge.